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      #9 - A Second Look     
      #9 - A Second Look     
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Store Events and Freezer Burn
 Tuesday, Nov. 7th, 2006

Just had a huge event at the store, some 33 people showed up, they all had a great time - I really appreciate, well, appreciative people. Like, you give away free things, and they say 'thank you', not 'ugh when is episode 200 of NaROOdo coming out because that is what i am up to'.

(On a side note - these peopel watch Naruto online, in Japanese, right? So WHY do they still say 'Nah-ROOO-doh'? I normally don't care about that sort of stuff, but something about snippy Naruto / Bleach fans really gets to me.)

I still really have to clean up the house, too - I was GOING to make that tomorrow's priority, but I only got today's comic done and not Thursdays, so I've got to get that done first. Trying really hard to get all the stuff around here done so I can work on some getting-better-at-inking practice I need.

Of course, I'll get that all set, just in time for the Wii..