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      #8 - Blackmail     
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New Manga + Stupid CCGs
 Tuesday, Nov. 2nd, 2006

First, 'Penguin Revolution' is out, by Sakura Tsukuba. She wrote 'Land of the Blindfolded', which is waaay at the top of my 'Best Shoujo' list. Looking forward to reading that. (Gabby is reading it now, making 'gasp' faces, and telling me not to read the back of it first, since it gives away the 'big thing'.

Next for news, the store is thinking of getting into the World of Warcraft CCG. Now, I greatly dislike MMO's that you play for any crazy length of time (why work on a character's running skill when you can learn to run yourself?), but we figured, 'hey, we should sell this, since there is a LAN center right next door, they play WoW there'.

So, of COURSE, the company vastly underprints, and won't be releasing any more cards until, like, January. Sure, it drums up demand, but come ON, people. You've got a license to print money, and you are shooting yourself in the foot - at least, in my opinion. I personally love companies like Joyride (Fullmetal Alchemist CCG), since they print tons, and sell direct. We're one of the biggest stores in the country already for that game, and it isn't just because the game is awesome (which it is - of COURSE, I play a Hero Military deck), but because I can call them up and go 'yo, cards' and I get a case two days later.

Hey - I know it is early, but this is a call for fanart - if you send me fanart, I'll give you a bunch of Stuffs to use in the forums on a sketch or a pin or something. I need a few of them so's I can set up a fanart section.

Also, just a quick question to discuss in the forums - what's your favorite new anime? I mean, something that's come out here or there in the past year. I'm behind, and want to catch up,and need to know where to start. ^^