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      #10 - What Friends Are For     
      #10 - What Friends Are For     
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A Relaxing Day Off
 Thursday, Nov. 9th, 2006

Phew, up late Tuesday night watching the election results, and then spent this morning cleaning up after the maintenance crew (had some people in, shoring up the basement against floods and other such basement nasties). Still, on a scale from one to crazy, this is a pretty relaxing day. Trying to get ready for the upcoming holiday rush - expect some sort of nice online coupon for all you readers out there. ^^

Next up on this site is a Maria character bio, the fanart site, and some real tracking stuffs, so I can see where people are coming from. Hey, do me a favor - tell me what you think of Stand Tall compared to DT! in the forums, okay? It is the same timing and humor that I used to use, but with a fundamentally different baseemotion, and I want to see how it is going with you guys and girls. Catch you there this weekend!