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      #11 - Paying Attention     
      #11 - Paying Attention     
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Tons of crap to do
 Tuesday, Nov. 14th, 2006

Blar. First, I had to fix the three litterboxes downstairs - due to my incorrect placement of things in the basement to let the maintenance guys come in to fix the mold, the boxes got water in them, causing the cats to have no place to go to the bathroom - no place, that is, except my FREAKING LAUNDRY BASKET (the only other litterbox-shaped thing in the basement). I don't blame them, though, but that meant I had to dig out a cart, drag it to the store, buy forty-two pounds of litter, drag it back (of course, it started to rain while I was in the store, turning my 'shortcut' across a field into a mudpit), throw out all the old litter, sweep it up ("hey, some is stuck in that box - scrrrape scrrrrape *pop* OMG IN MY HAIR AGH"), and so on.

Then, a shower, but just when I sit down to do the eight comics I wanted to do, I fell asleep right on the couch drawing for the day, woke up about two hours ago, and just barely got this one done. -_- So much for getting ahead. On top of that, we STILL have a shoplifting problem - I've got people watching the whole time, but stuff still gets swiped. We're putting in more cameras and a beepy-tag-system thing, but that's thousands of dollars we'd have rather spent on the holiday season.

Oh well, emo cat will teach me to stop angsting on the internet. Thanks, emo cat. ^^ *gets back to work*