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      #12 - Undivided Attention     
      #12 - Undivided Attention     
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STILL trying to get ahead
 Thursday, Nov. 16th, 2006

Tried to get the comics done for the month today, but was thwarted by having to watch the cat, who had to go to the doctor (the cat is okay, he just had a little bladder thing - 'little bladder thing' means a sort of unspeakable midnight surprise that I won't scar you by discussing here). Also, I had to give the cat medicine, which apparently involves letting the cat beat me up for five minutes, and then hiding under the couch (I'm still talking about me).

On a less cat-filled note, I know that the comic looks like that typical "shy girl shows up and has a crush on the main character", but don't worry, it is much different than it looks - one of the last things I want to do is have one of those 'angsty pretty boy gets all the girls' main characters. That stereotype is to be mocked, not aspired to. ^^