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      #4 - Perils of Leadership     
      #4 - Perils of Leadership     
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New Comic Book Day!
 Thursday, Oct. 19th, 2006

So, lots of shiny stuff came in at the store today that I read. There's a new Cromartie manga, a comic called 'Ohikkoshi' ('take it easy'), which is by the Blade of the Immortal guy. I keep expecting someone to, y'know, chop a person's head off, or explode into a fury of bloodworms, or something, but no, it is apparently just a bunch of happy short stories (I am actually looking over Gabby's shoulder as SHE reads it - I don't get it until she's done).

My tiniest cat, 'Ridley' (named after the girl from Radiata Stories), has taken a liking to my erasers. She drops them in my shoes, forgets about them, and then around three in the morning, latches onto them and rolls them down the stairs. Let me tell you, that is awesome, waking up to thinking someone is running up the stairs at me. 0_o

What else.. 'getting ahead of the game', and having more free time than I need, so that I can work on my inking skills, is proving harder than I thought. I've got Monday-Wednesday to do my stuff each week, and you'd think that I'd get more done. But, I don't, because I play stupid PS2 games that suck up all my time. -_- Ah well. I'll get there.

What else, what else.. oh, special thanks to those fans who helped me get through last week's writers block, with pics of themselves and their in various fashions. With so many new characters coming up (one next Tuesday, even!), anyone who helps out now mavery much see their 'look' on a new character. Stay tuned!