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      #3 - Hi Everybody     
      #3 - Hi Everybody     
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Stuck in a rut
 Tuesday, Oct. 17th, 2006

Gah. Drawing people takes a bit longer, as I'm making a conscious effort to draw people better - more appealing / lively.

I'm a lot better, I've found, at drawing guys than girls. I can draw hot guys, in hot clothes, but I can only draw really hot girls in so-so clothes.

The main problem with this is needing to see examples of this, via other manga / artbooks / people I know, but I'm deathly afraid of any of our good-looking regulars going "OMG you drew my clothes on that person!" and either getting creeped out, or thinking that I'm drawing THEM, which can lead to tons more problems (especially if I have them hook up with someone, or do something stupid - there was this girl in college who INSISTED that she was Susie, and no matter what I said, would always bother me coyly if Susie showed up in the comic. Eep. o_0)

Plus, do you know how hard it is to explain to someone who sees you looking at a person "oh, I'm just seeing how her pants drape off her legs"? Yeah, about as well as you'd think. -_-