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      #5 - Peer Pressure     
      #5 - Peer Pressure     
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Bouncing back from a con
 Tuesday, Oct. 24th, 2006

Blar, just got back from 'Syracuse Heroes Expo', where we went on Sunday to both sell stuffs at a con and show people in Syracuse that there's an inexpensive anime store one town over. It was a lot more tiring that I thought it would be, though, and I had to get up early this morning, so I'm still trying to shake it off. =_= (Even now, my cat is dropping off his little bouncy ball for me to throw - he taught himself to fetch last time I was sick - and I'm actually getting tired throwing it)

Here's the first new new character of Stand Tall, 'Maria'. Her bio will be up this weekend sometime - I want to leave her basic personality a surprise for a bit, as she's going to be very much in the spotlight. I hope you like her - I do. :) Okay, I have got to get to bed - this week is a super-busy one at the store, with two costume contests (RIT Anime Club's and Hammergirl's), my own costume to make (Dr. Henry Killinger from the Venture Bros. - "My name is Dr. Henry Killinger, and this is my Magic Murder Bag" - hush if you are an RIT local, it is supposed to be a secret), a music night to DJ, a basement to get re-carpeted and drywalled, and who knows what else. Woo. See you in the forums!