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      #29 - Football Dog     
      #29 - Football Dog     
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Fix-a Fix-a
 Thursday, Jan. 27th, 2007

Ths jist of this comic is just my way of pointing out that no matter how seriously people take things, you have to appreciate them for what they are. When I saw this 'Football Dog' moment, with a crowd of completely super-serious fans of the show, I almost died - first from the spiral of the dog (oh my goodness, spinning dog go!), and second from the people as I broke out in laughter. ^___^

FINALLY fixed the Initial D machine here at the store, thank goodness. -_- With that, a lot more smaller things are falling into place - got the taxes out, updated the fanart (thank you, Nicole!) got some Phoenix Wright in (hooray), and even did laundry! *flex*

Lots of nice stuff in the store, too - new artbooks, new figures, and a restock of the Pocky. Also ironed out a lot of the bugs in Anime Versus, and outlined the new changes to that. So much accomplished!

Now, for some relaxation.. ^^