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      #28 - Hidden in the Suburbs     
      #28 - Hidden in the Suburbs     
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Tired desu
 Tuesday, Jan. 23rd, 2007

BLAR, had to run the store today, tomorrow too. =_= s'okay, though, Gabby's feeling a lot better. Soon enough I'll be able to get my Recommended Daily Allowance of Objections. ^^ Didn't actually think I'd get the comic out tonight, so I'm ahead of the game.

Ordered the part for our busted Initial D machine, as well as a new DVD player (the store's DVD player broke this weekend, figures). Just about have everything checked off my 'things I am behind on regarding the store' list, which is good - I've got a severe case of DS withdrawal.

What else, what else.. Super Gals Season 2 is out, which is cool, the cats' fleas are gone, hooray, and the store's taxes are all paid. Hooray for small victories! See you in the Forums!