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      #27 - A Secret Revealed     
      #27 - A Secret Revealed     
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Brief Newspost (ha, 'brief', lawyer joke)
 Thursday, Jan. 18th, 2007

Phoenix Wright = awesome. Newspost short-and-to-point due to game playing:

- Initial D Machine = $375 to fix. Ordering part tomorrow, hopefully. Bah.
- Dear CMX: please print more Land of hte Blindfolded Volume 1, because I am sick of recommending it to everyone, but not being able to sell them the first volume.
- Ditto Yakitate!! Japan from Viz.
-Ditto Ditto Kare Kano from Tokyopop. C'mon, American manga releasing companies, help me sell your stuffs already.
- Seven days until the Idolmaster Special Edition preorder window in Japan. Hoping that a check I'm waiting for shows up before all of them get sold out.
- Hooray for Fullmetal Alchemist Manga 11. Good plot. Happy happy.
- Cat B (of Cats A-C) has fleas. Arg.
- It is cold outside. Had to walk to Gamestop and back to buy Phoenix Wright, took hours to rewarm self again. (could have warmed self via nice warm soak, but DS + Bath = not good idea.)
- To my buddy Jim, moving to DC to start his new career: party on, dude. Go forth and Be Awesome.