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      #26 - Clone Technique     
      #26 - Clone Technique     
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The Yin and Yang of Video Games
 Tuesday, Jan. 16th, 2007

So, Tomorrow is the new Wario game (yay) and the day after that is Phoenix Wright 2 (YAY DESU) - but today, I have to deal with a busted drive in the store's Initial D machine.

There are three possible problems with it, one which'll just cost me some fix-it time, one which is between 300-600 dollars, and one which would be a couple grand. Blah.

I just hope it isn't too expensive - I've got a little fund for the upcoming Initial D 4, as it'd be a great draw for the store, but part of that money is what this machine makes - and if it stays busted, that doesn't bode well. Off to read through the Naomi 2 GD-ROM technical manual and the wiring diagram specifications, to see if this is a 50-cent fuse, or a call to the Magical Arcade Game Fixing Guys (which cost Magical Arcade Game Money -_-).