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      #25 - Maria the Ninja Girl / Exercise Technique     
      #25 - Maria the Ninja Girl / Exercise Technique     
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Finally back on track
 Thursday, Jan. 11th, 2007

(note: I apologize for the 'Believe It!' joke. I just HAD to do it. >_<)

FINALLY got these done, and got my other stuff in gear. I still have to get next week's comic out of the way, but now I at least have a few days to work on them, y'know? Phew.

Got to spend a nice relaxing evening watching House (well, listening to House - I've got an aversion to suddenly-exploding faces, so whenever people watch House or CSI, I just listen, and squirm whenever they make that zooming-through-the-arteries is-that-a-monkey-in-there squanchy noise. o_o

Stay Tuned for lots more ninja action!