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      #30 - The Trap is Laid     
      #30 - The Trap is Laid     
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 Tuesday, Jan. 30th, 2007

Dealing with the end-of-year bills for the store, taxes and otherwise. We've finally got all the money together for them, we just have to do the paperwork for them. I'm going to be working on this stuff *shakes stack of crap* all day today. >_<

What else, what else.. it's always hard to chat here after the Tuesday comic, since I do the comics for the week, and it is after midnight, so I'm tired. I'm usually a morning person - the sun rises, and I wake up. That may mean I'm an OPPOSITE VAMPIRE or something. I wonder if that is a bad thing - is an opposite vampire, like, a vampire hunter? It'd be cool to be a Belmont (actually, I'd rather be a Morris, if I got to pick. Belmonts have pretty sucky lives. Maybe a DeNasty, if we are talking Castlevania familes - they are pirates. Of course, their knifes are pretty wussy, but I bet if you got to play as one, you could, like, drop pirate ships on people, and do other cool stuff. Heck, the first Morris had a wimpy spear, and in the new DS game you get the Vampire Killer, and wicked summons, and a cute girl with a book full of axes.

That's awesome.

Y'know, I think I'm a little sleepier than I thought. Catch you in the forums, AFTER I get some rest.