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      #22 - Three     
      #22 - Three     
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Pleased with Myself
 Tuesday, Dec. 26th, 2006

Double triple thanks to Gabby for getting me 'Bishoujyo Chara CG Factory', an import book by Cosmic Mook (ISBN4-7747-0997-2, we sell it at the store now) - it has SO MANY TIPS on improving your CG.

Now, I'm the first one to say 'practice practice practice', but it is little things like backgrounds and eyes and stuff, all different methods that other CG people use, and it is specifcally responsible for the jump in comic quality - this one took me just as long as the other ones, even! Yeah, it is in Japanese, but the tips are all in pictures, for folks that can't read Japanese too well. In my next 'how to comic' thing I do for this website, I'll go into details.

Anyway, hooray on this comic. Please discuss it in the Forums, I want feedback. ^^ On a totally different note: when you play someoen else's Wii, kiddies, DON'T SMASH THE CONTROLLERS AGAINST EVERYTHING IN THE ROOM SO THAT ONE IS CHIPPED AND ANOTHER RATTLES. What the crap. >_<