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      #21 - One or Two     
      #21 - One or Two     
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Cleaning the house and such
 Thursday, Dec. 21st, 2006

Phew, finally got the house clean, and am geared up for the last push through Christmas. The store is sooo busy. -_- That's good, though, you know?

Anyway, my current free time is spent working on a new ST character's design (I think I'm going with dark hair for him, but what kind? Long, sure, but so many options..) and playing Wii. I'm up to the last chapter (excluding any bonus stuffs) in Trauma Center, and about a dozen missions into Elebits. Haven't played much Zelda, though, just becauseI don't have the two or three hour stretched to work on it. Okay, off to change the laundry!