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      #23 - Flawless Victory Desu     
      #23 - Flawless Victory Desu     
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Three Day Webdesign Marathon
 Tuesday, Jan. 2nd, 2007

So, next three days for me are some redesigns of the store website stuff, optimizing for search engines, getting word out, making new pages, working on that AnimeVersus game I made (if you want to help with that, check the Forums), and other such take-the-laptop-to-the-local-eatery stuffs. Woo.

Other news.. had folks over for New Years, it was fun, rang in the new year with Metalocalypse, hooray.. oh, and getting orders at Hammergirl from people with the same names as your friends, but from states far away, is creepy. Like, "dude, there is another person with your EXACT SAME NAME that realllly likes Cardcaptor." o_0

Still working on the new character's design, sketch'll be up in a day or two. How are you liking Desugirl? She's really easy humor, I think I'll keep her around. ^_^