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      #62 - Laying in Wait     
      #62 - Laying in Wait     
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Arcade Game Woes + New Anime
 Tuesday, May 29th, 2007

So, my arcade game came in, and somewhere between California and Rochester the thing must've pitched off of the truck. -_- The top go crushed in and destroyed the marquee, A wheel on the bottom of the machine got driven up into the cabinet, RIGHT THROUGH the GD-Rom (the disc player), and the monitor has some damaged capacitors. T_T

Insurance will cover it, so that is okay, but it is at least a month for another cabinet to get here.. so, I have been fixing the thing one piece at a time. I ordered new lights for the top, got a new GD Drive, I put the machine up on blocks to offset the bad wheel, Taped up the marquee (it still has a crack), isolated the bad monitor caps and called a guy to fix it (or, failing that, another company who sells monitor chassis). As for the busted-in top and bottom, well, it isn't THAT obvious. -_- I'll come up with some interesting signage to cover it up.

In better news, 'Sktechbook' (one of my FAVORITE comics) is actually getting made into an anime! Hooray! (