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      #53 - The Book     
      #53 - The Book     
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Early comic while we work
 Thursday, Apr. 26th, 2007

This weekend is Tora-Con, the RIT Anime Club's one-day anime convention. The first Tora-Con was the store's first real day, and a big part of why it is here - plus, if it weren't for RIT Anime Club, I'd be some loser quietly making websites from my basement, as opposed to a loser quietly making comics from my living room. :)

So, if you are in the Rochester Area this Saturday, go to it - it'll be loads of fun!

In other news, I just finalized an order for the parts to make a Melty Blood (Act Cadenza ver.B2 Correction Edition, to be geekily specific) arcade cabinet for the store. I'll post pictures in the Forums of my work on it, once I actually get it working..