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      #49 - Two Reactions     
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Too many ostriches
 Thursday, Apr. 12th, 2007

Not ostriches, but comics - so much stuff came out today, I don't know where to begin. In the store, we got over forty new comics in - here's just the list of the ones I read:
Basara 23, Black Cat 8, Boy Princess 6, Boys Over Flowers 23, Case Closed 17, Chinese Hero 1, D Gray Man 5, Death Note 11, Dragon Head 6, Flame of Recca 23, Fruits Basket 16, Fullmetal Alchemist 13, Godchild 5, Grenadier 3, Hayate the Combat Butler 3, Hunter X Hunter 14, Inu Yasha 29, Kaze Hikaru 5, Kekkaishi 9, Law of Ueki 5, Let Dai 6, MAR 13, Neon Genesis Evangelion 10, Night of the Beasts 3, O-Parts Hunter 5, Prince of Tennis 19, Read or Dream 4, Red River 17, RG Veda 9, Shaman King 12, Tokyo Tribes 6, Vampire Knight 2, Whistle 16, Yakitate Japan! 5, Yu Yu Hakusho 12, and Zatch Bell 12.
(Note: that is a lie. Death Note, then D. Gray-Man, Yakitate!! Japan, and then whatever I can get my hands on)

Gotta make sure I keep up on the things everyone talks about on the weekends, and all. But first, some sleep - I just finished all of the comics that were sketched from last week, and cleaned the rest of the house.

(also, I have to finagle my way into this arcade game expo going on downstate in about two weeks. Who to schmooze, who to schmooze..)