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      #45 - Unwanted Recognition     
      #45 - Unwanted Recognition     
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Store Remodelling
 Thursday, Mar. 29th, 2007

So, to make more room at the store, I went into the backroom / bathroom and took EVERYTHING that we don't use normally, and only use with advance notice (examples: 'tomorrow i am going to wax the floor, so i will need the waxer then / there is a con this weekend, i need the con shelving brackets) and took them out.

Then, I took everything that was there, organized it, labelled it, and put it back. This left us with a LOT more space than we thought (math geek time: more than 36 table-feet of shelving area, think three bookshelves, or three dinner tables), so Gabby then took the chance to completely redo the back room, and make it easier to fill orders and the like.

Hooray us, but that took ALL DARN DAY. I just got in now, and there's no way I can ink and color and still be fully functional tomorrow (more store stuffs). So, I didn't want to leave everyone hanging, so here is the sketch of the comic, with all the bubbles. In the archives, I'll put the colored comic AND this one - hopefully in the colored comic Tim pushing the door closed behind him quietly stands out more. :)