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      #36 - Detente     
      #36 - Detente     
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Taxes make me want to skin people
 Tuesday, Feb. 27th, 2007

The following thing has happened at least four separate times with an accountant of mine (for legal reasons, the following is, um, TOTALLY MADE UP. Yeah, that's it.):

-Taxes are due the 5th of the month.
-I am asked on the 4th for the info needed to fill out my tax sheet.
-I give said info 10 minutes later via email.
-I am sent the tax sheet to send in for said taxes on the 6th.
-I send it in the day I get it (via the post office down the road), but it gets there two days late.
-I am charged like two dollars interest.
-The accountant fails to tell me about the two dollars.
- I am charged 80$ in fines.
- I yell.
- The tax people write up a "LOL we were late DESU" letter, send it to me to sign, and send it to the tax people to get the fees waived.
- I spend forever reading all this stuff, sign the form, and send THAT stupid thing in.
- The amount of time it took them to get all that crap together means I owe another two dollars in interest. - I get fined on THAT. - I get a baseball bat and set it on fire for *horrific descriptions removed*.

Arg. I've asked them "hey, guys, why not just get the tax info from me, say, the 26th? and then you'll have it in time? isn't that neat?" and they go "WOW GOOD IDEA" and then proceed not to.

I may have to swtich accountants. Rant rant rant. -_- See you in the forums.