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      #17 - Fangirl in Love     
      #17 - Fangirl in Love     
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Relaxing golf tourney
 Thursday, Dec. 7th, 2006

Had a nice (online) golf tournament on Tuesday, with all the locals. Lots of fun, a nice respite from all the stuff I've been working on. Feels good to take a whole day and blow it off. y'know?

The store's been going really well, too - both online and here in Rochester. We've had a couple REALLY ANNOYING customers - this smelly kid (we're talking 'is that a zombie the charnel stench overpowers nearby life itself'), and 'my son wants a Shonen Jump comic but nothing with magic or fighting or sports' lady, and the 'I am too good for anime, omg, why dont you just all watch tv like regular people' girl (if I were her friend she follows in, I would have told her off by now - I wonder why she puts up with her?).

Whoa, ramble. ^^;

Okay, off to help put things on the store website - by the way, I'm not asking for charity or anything, but if you ARE doing some online shopping, stop by Hammergirl Anime and check it out. Honestly, we have great prices and shipping, and you know it is all legit. It's me! ^_^