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      #1 - Good Morning Sunshine     
      #1 - Good Morning Sunshine     
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Up way too late, again..
 Tuesday, Oct. 10th, 2006

Listening to the Escaflowne waltz, I FINALLY get the comic done. Had a minor banking emergency that I had to clear up. One thing about running a business is you start to get used to moving crazy amounts of money around, so when you forget to deposit 50 bucks in your personal account, it is no big deal - and then the check bounces. -_-

So, what's up with you? The new forum is finally up, and I've even started to implement a method for any fan to get a sketch or something, just by participating over there. Check it out! (things to add in the near future - links to the store, ST! merchandise, as well as some links to my 'Ship' comic)